Club History

The running club was founded as South Liverpool Athletic Club in 1977 with just six members to provide opportunities for the people of South Liverpool to participate in the sport of athletics, and quickly became a significant player on the Merseyside athletics scene. The club’s white vest with royal blue sash featured prominently in road, cross-country and track and field events, and membership grew rapidly throughout the 1980?s running boom.

The decline in later years saw South Liverpool experience increasing difficulty in retaining and recruiting members, making it harder to sustain the level of performance. By 2002 it was felt that changes were needed if the club was to enjoy significant progress on all fronts in the future.

A merger with the multi-sporting Mossley Hill Athletic Club offered the best way forward. Mossley Hill, previously without an athletics team, would plug a gap in its wide range of sporting activities, while South Liverpool’s members would gain a permanent home with superior facilities for both training and socialising (another activity close to our hearts!). Together with these benefits would come improved access to our activities for the people of Mossley Hill and South Liverpool, consistent with the original aims of our founders in 1977.

The club has gone from strength to strength with memberships increasing each year.