Championship - Club Championship standings and previous results
Championship Rules
  • The championship shall consist of a series of races chosen at the beginning of the season and may be amended, if deemed necessary or desirable as the season progresses.
  • There will be separate men’s and women’s championships, with trophies awarded to the Champion and runner up in both men’s and women’s categories, and to the best placed and runner-up man and woman over the age of 40 years when the season commences.
  • Points will be awarded according to the finishing positions of club members in each race. There will be 16 points awarded to the man and woman finishing first, 14 for those in second place, 13 for third, 12 for fourth, etc., with 1 point being awarded to 15th place and all subsequent finishers.
  • Chip Time will be used for finishing positions when available
  • Points will only be awarded to fully paid up members on the day of the race
  • In the event of a tie on points at the end of the season, the athlete with the most first places will be considered the winner. If the number of wins is identical, then the athlete with most second places etc. will be adjudged the winner.
  • An athlete’s best 10 races will count.
  • Club vests should be worn at all championship races.