Training Routes - Some of the common routes we use

Calderstones Loop

Starting with a warm-up down the hill, then along to Calderstones park where we regroup. A loop of the park can be extended via the cinder path for those that want to add some more mileage. There are also shorter versions of this route to suit all abilities.

Otterspool Interval session

Starting with a warm-up down to Jericho lane, then along to the Britannia pub at a brisker pace. This is followed by multiple short sprints back along the prom with varying recovery intervals.

Fiveways / Picton Clock

Downhill to Tesco, then along to Childwall Fiveways. Turn left and along to Picton clock where we turn for home down Church road and head back to the club

Blackwoods / Fiveways

A warm up downhill is followed by going skirting Caldestones Park and up towards the Black woods. Uphill towards the Childwall fiveways and back down Queens Drive and home

Otterspool prom

Starting with a downhill stretch and along Aigburth Road, then Jericho Lane to the Prom. Right down to the end of the Prom and back up through Grassendale.

Woolton village

Out of the club and along Brodie and up Booker Avenue along the edge of Calderstones Park. Right along Menlove Avenue and left into Woolton and back in a loop down Beaconfield Road and back home

Whitehedge Road - Garston

Warming up downhill to Aigburth Road, we turn left and to Whitehedge Road near Garston. Then we turn left and up until we join Mather Avenue and back to Tesco. An easy finish up Rose Lane and back to the club.

Fiveways / Blackwoods

Downhill to Tesco, then straight up to Childwall Fiveways. We turn up Childwall Valley Road and carry on to the Black woods where we go right and past the edge of Calderstones Park and back to Rose Lane.